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RELX Infinity2 Device (SG VAPE)

RELX Infinity2 Device (SG VAPE)

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RELX Infinity2 Device (SGVAPE9)

RELX infinity 2 device only compatible with Pod Pro 2 for the adjustable feature. There are 3 adjustable mood.

RELX infinity 2 device comes with 6 color which is dark asteroid, royal indigo ,green navy ,obsidian black ,blue bay and cherry blossom. The features of this device is comes with 3 different mood, which is eco mood, smooth mood and boost mode. Each mode have different function.

Eco mood: light puffs & saves battery
Smooth mood: super smooth & familiar taste
Boost mood: Instant satisfaction with richer taste, +15% bigger cloud

RELX infinity 2 device have ultra fast charging 15min to charge 80% and the charging speed is +130% than last generation. The charging duration of this device is around 30mins.

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Pod capacity: 1.9ml
Atomizer: cotton/ceramic
Smart Pace Feature : yes
Battery Capacity : 440mAh
Charging: USB-C
Battery Indicator: Yes
Power Adjustable: Yes ,green light 5.5w ,blue light 6.5w ,purple light 8w

RELX infinity2 device Color line up:

  • Dark Asteroid
  • Royal indigo 
  • Green navy 
  • Obsidian black 
  • Blue bay 
  • Cherry blossom

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