Vapetape Unplug 12000 Flavor Review

Vapetape Unplug 12000 Flavor Review

An improved version of Vapetape 12000 is Vapetape Unplug 12000. Vapetape 12k has a completely different flavour lineup. It introduces a fresh lineup of flavours. The flavours of Vapetape Unplug will all be reviewed in this article.


1.0 Overview

The Vapetape Unplug 12000 Flavour is a way of life, not just another vape gadget. With its unique flavour experience, this device is meant to satisfy even the pickiest vapers.

2.0 The Unboxing Experience

The unboxing is the first step in the trip, and Vapetape Unplug 12000 does not let you down. The container is elegant and the presentation is thoughtful. It feels like opening a present when you open the box and wonder what's inside.

3.0 Taste Selections

Flavour is the essence of every vaping experience, and Vapetape Unplug 12000 delivers many of alternatives. with a wide variety of tastes, ranging from fruity to tropical. The experience is enhanced by flavours like strawberry grapple and berries yoghurt.

Vapetape unplug 12000 puff flavor line up:

Rey-bina lychee
Pineapple apple
Choco mint candy
Orange mango guava
Grape pear

1. Double grape
It tastes like mixed grapes. The purple and green grapes blend together beautifully. A lover of grapes should try this flavour. Tastes little tart and sweet.
Sweet 4/5
Cold 2/5

2. Strawberry grapple
It has a unique flavour. The best flavour on the market is this strawberry grapple's taste. This vapetape unplugs and tastes like strawberries, grapes, and apples!
Taste rather tart and sweet.
Sweet 4/5
Sour 2.5/5

3. Blackcurrant berries
Berries and blackcurrants have a sweet taste. The berries perfectly complemented the taste of blackcurrants. A lover of berries must taste this flavour.
Sweet 4/5
Sour 3/5

4. Honeydew bubblegum
This is the market's exclusive flavour of the bubblegum line. You can taste the juicy sweetness of the bubblegum flavour and the sweetness of the honeydew flavour.
Sweet 4/5
Cold 2/5

5. Blackcurrant bubblegum
Taste the blackcurrant sweet initially, followed by a hint of bubblegum sweetness. This is the unique flavour; grape bubblegum flavour is the standard.
Sweet 4/5
Cold 2/5

6. Watermelon bubblegum
Tastes chilly, slightly sweet from the watermelon, and finally sweet from the bubblegum.
Sweet 3/5
Cold 3.5/5

7. Mango slurpee
Mango flavour is stronger, similar to that of a mango shake. feels more acidic than sweet at first.
Sweet 3/5
Cold 2.5/5

8. Honeydew slurpee
delicious slurpee beverage with a fruity honeydew flavour. Suck in the very pleasant mix of sweetness and chill.
Sweet 3.5/5
Cold 3.5/5

9. Berries yogurt
Lover of yoghurt must to try. The creamy yoghurt and the flavour of the berries go together beautifully. They taste like yoghurt ice cream with berries.
Sweet 3.5/5
Cold 3/5

10. Solero tropical
Taste similar to that of Solero ice cream. The taste of velvety vanilla and tangy lime. Tangy, sweet, and invigorating flavour.
Sweet 4/5
Sour 3/5

11. Rey-bina lychee
Sweet and fruity flavours come together in this refreshing drink. Taste the delicious lychee's luscious flavour, followed by the revitalising taste of berries.
Sweet 4/5
Sour 2.5/5

12. Pineapple apple
Smell the pineapple apple of summer! One of the most well-liked flavours of the recently released Vapetape Unplug Pod. Apple's sweetness and pineapple's sourness go well together. presents a really pleasant offering.
Sweet 4/5
Sour 3/5

13. Choco mint candy
Among the unique flavours. the flavour of fresh mint combined with a creamy, sweet chocolate. Savour the balance between these two unique flavours.
Sweet 4/5
Sour -

14. Orange mango guava
Orange flavour that is sweet and zesty, combined with mango's tropical flavour and guava's slightly sweet flavour. If you love fruit, you must try this.
Sweet 3.5/5
Sour 3/5

15. Grape pear
The combination of sweet grape and reviving pear is ideal. Taste the sweet grape flavour, followed by a hint of pear flavour.
Sweet 4/5
Sour 1/5

4.0 Ease of Use

All levels of vapers can benefit from the Vapetape Unplug 12000, regardless of experience level. It is accessible to beginners thanks to its user-friendly features, while expert users can customise it to their own.

5.0 Where to P

Getting ready to buy something? Find the top suppliers to purchase your Unplug 12000.You can purchase from SG VAPE 9 SHOP, which offers same-day delivery.


In conclusion, the Vapetape Unplug 12000 Flavour demonstrates that it is a game-changer rather than just a fad. It merits a spot among the best vape devices because of its superb flavours and dependable operation.


1. Is the Vapetape Unplug 12000 a good starter kit?
Yes, the Unplug 12000 has features that are easy to use, which makes it a great option for novices.

2. How much time does the Unplug 12000's battery last?
With its powerful battery, the Unplug 12000 may be used for longer periods of time during the day.

3. Is it possible to buy a refilled Unplug 12000 pod?
Check with your preferred merchant as refilled pods are often accessible through authorised suppliers.

4. In what store can I purchase Vapetape Unplug 12000?
Vapetape Unplug 12000 is available from SG VAPE SHOP.

5. What distinguishes the Unplug 12000 from other vaporizers?
The Unplug 12000 sets itself apart with a blend of great flavours, intuitive design, and powerful performance.

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